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Development History

Jun 2000:

Established “Shanghai Nanya Copper Clad laminate Co.,Ltd.” with registered capital of USD 2.1 million.

Jul 2000:

First plant(N1)construction of foundation laying . 

Feb 2003:

We raised the registered capital from USD 2.1 million to USD 8.5million.

Apr 2004:

Second plant(N2)construction of foundation laying.

Dec 2006:

We raised our registered capital from USD 8.5 million to USD 20 million.

Sep 2009:

Third plant(N3)construction of foundation laying.

Aug 2012:

The company changed to a domestic-funded enterprise.

Nov 2014:

Company capital increase: registered capital increased to RMB 1720.495 million yuan.

Oct 2016:

The second line of third plant(N3)started running and the company achieved business income of RMB 980 million in that year.

Aug 2017:

The company completed the joint-stock reform, renamed "Nanya New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.".

Sep 2017:

Establishment of Jiangxi Subsidiary Company-Nanya New Material Technology (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.

Sep 2019:

The trial production of third line of third plant(N3) and the company achieved around 1.64 billion yuan of business income in that year.

Jul 2019:

In the second half of 2019, Jiangxi Plant(N4) began to be invested and constructed;

Q4 2019:

The fist line of Jiangxi plant(N4)was put into trial production.

In 2019, the company's net profit exceeded 150 million yuan, achieving steady growth and sustained performance development.

Jul 2020:

The second line of Jiangxi plant(N4) was put into trial production.

Dec 2020:

Three production lines of Jiangxi plant(N4) has been completed, and it is expected to reach production in the Q2 of 2021.

Dec 2020:

Jiangxi plant(N5)Jiangxi No.2 factory started to construction.

Jan 2021:

Establishment of Dongguan Subsidiary Company-Nanya New Material Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.