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Jobs & Careers

Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
welcomes young people who have idea、innovation and have the courage to try to join our team!

Graduates Recruitment

Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will open positions in various departments for the graduates. Some post management trainees can be rotated across departments to quickly improve vocational skills and management capabilities.

Department name Job Name Work place
R&D Assistant Engineer Reserve cadres Shang Hai

Main Tasks:

1. Test analysis and research of related materials such as polymer material structure and organic chemical composition.

2. Routine maintenance of laboratories and instruments.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. Analytical chemistry and related majors.

2. Those who are good at polymer structure and organic synthesis related chemical properties and reaction related test analysis are preferred.

3. Proficiency in DSC, GPC, IR, TGA, TMA, DMA and other analytical instruments for related test analysis.

4. Able to work overtime, diligent and practical, meticulous and rigorous, with a sense of responsibility.

Export Order Management Specialist Reserve cadres Shang Hai

Main Tasks:

1. Responsible for the company's export orders system entry and determine delivery date, and feedback to the Shipping specialist.

2. Responsible for export documents (invoices, packing lists, bills of lading and insurance policies) production and delivery, determine freight and reimbursement.

3. The ability to work under pressure.

4. Understand the international trade process and have relevant foreign trade work experience.

5. Responsible, rigorous work, with relevant foreign trade sales assistance experience is preferred.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. Be able to use office software proficiently.

2. Be sensitive to numbers, rigorous and standardized, planned, principled, and confidential; have certain communication and coordination capabilities.

3. Language requirements: Chinese and English.

Internship opportunities

Our Shanghai headquarters and South China branch open opportunities to internship in different departments. Interns have the opportunity to get in touch with business practice and be taught by department heads. The intern who has completed the internship period and met the standards will be issued an internship certificate, and the outstanding intern will also receive a recommendation letter issued by the department manager or director. Freshmen who have completed the internship and are interested in continuing to work full-time will have the opportunity to obtain the qualification and hired officially.

Recruitment process

Please send your CV,we will contact you later! The company will arrange written examination and interview as required.The excellent students who pass the examination can get the offer of us.