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About Us

Facing a new period of development, it is necessary to recall the past and summarize the deficiencies, but also to accumulate and set sail again. Here, on behalf of Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd., I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our long-term partners, friends from all walks of life who continue to pay attention to the development of the company, and the family of Nanya New Material!

Looking back on the past, every moment is wonderful. In the past period of time, through the joint efforts of all colleagues, we have overcome the uncertainty of the complex and changeable macro environment and the market environment. We unite and forge ahead, seize opportunities, and actively explore, achieving good sales, production, research and development, management and other aspects as well as good economic benefits. I hope that after achieving staged success, we will guard against arrogance and rashness, remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, and achieve better results. At the same time, the company is also working hard to further improve employee emolument and benefits through various channels.

Welcome to join Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. We believe that in the future, essential "people-oriented" concept will continue to be developed because of you! I believe that the wisdom and talents of every employee will also be fully displayed. We firmly believe that with the considerable efforts of all employees, Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will achieve one goal after another. In this vibrant and progressive modern enterprise, each employee will become first-class professionals!

Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain high-quality development, which brings us new challenges and competition. There is no retreat from competition, only change can be a way out. Nowadays, some people may say that change is risky, but rigidity is the biggest risk. An enterprise must first refine its concept if it wants to achieve established business goals. Leaders and all employees must completely abandon the concept of "conservation, low standards, and procrastination", establish a crisis awareness of "reshuffle the industry, and retreat if you don't advance", as well as establish a sense of ownership of "developing the enterprise and sharing results". From production management flow, product development series, purchase management cost reduction, logistics guarantee service quality, financial monitoring and other aspects, we must innovate business thinking and management models to lay a solid foundation for the company's comprehensive transformation to a modern enterprise.

"Apart from strong perseverance, the one who takes advantage of the trend wins." Silent persistence is behind all the fortunes in the world. The vast majority of people believe what they see, but we have seen it because of faith and persistence.

In the future, although the way ahead is strewn with difficulties, I still believe that this is an opportunity for development. Although we have made some breakthroughs, we need the courage of "build roads through mountains and build bridges across rivers" to overcome all obstacles that hinder change and management progress in order to achieve the glory of new innovation. We must absorb everything that can help us change and progress, not afraid of change, embrace change!

Looking back on the past, memories are stirring;Looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go.Let's take a year's hard work and thinking,Maintain the expectations and confidence in the future,Through dreams and feelings,Even if the clouds scud across the chaos, I am still nerveless,Forge ahead steady and further with a dream chaser attitude!

Chairman: Xiuyin Bao

January 2020