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  • Located in Nanxiang Industrial Park, Jiading District, Shanghai, Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, sales, research and development of copper clad laminates as long as prepreg. Its products are widely used in computer area and owned high reputation at home and abroad.

    The company has always been adhering to the enterprise development concept of "people-oriented, brainstorming, perseverance, and co-creating the great cause", and implements the "market-oriented, management innovation, quality first, technology leadership" policy. Our core values: "Sincerity creates value, respect achieve win-win".

    Now the company recruits full-time positions from the society. Have relevant work experience will be priority considering.

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Due to the rapid expansion of the company, a large number of outstanding talents are now recruited, and we look forward to your joining!

Job Name Time Number
Maintenance Engineer 2020-07-18 Open

Main Tasks:

1. According to the requirements of senior engineers, formulate equipment maintenance plan, and implement supervision and inspection of the plan to reduce equipment failure rate and meet production needs.

2. According to the use of equipment, develop a replacement and maintenance periodic table for equipment accessories, compile a list of spare parts for preparations, and upgrade and improve equipment to reduce maintenance costs.

3. In the event of equipment failure, promptly appoint a maintenance worker to carry out maintenance inspections to ensure smooth production.

4. Responsible for the preparation of the position responsibilities of the personnel of the equipment department, reasonable division of labor, clear functions, strict assessment.

5. Formulate a learning plan for subordinates, improve the maintenance technology of subordinates, and participate in the learning and communication of subordinates from time to time, and understand the working level of subordinates.

6. Male a safe operation manual to enable all employees to standardize the operation of equipment, ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, stabilize production, and protect the environment.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. College degree or above, major in mechatronics or relative;

2. Understand PLC program, need to have more than 3-5 years of manufacturing plant equipment maintenance experience;

3. Necessary professional knowledge: 1) electrical engineering knowledge; 2) automation control; 3) electrical skills; 4) materials, heat and fluid mechanics; 5) mechanical foundation; 6) mechanical and electrical processing;

4. Independent troubleshooting ability and hands-on ability; good communication and team work spirit, initiative and sense of responsibility; good safety awareness;

5. 1-3 years of PCB and CCL industry experience, 3-6 years of same post experience outside the industry;

6. Hold electrician certificate, understand PLC program;

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Safety Engineer 2020-07-18 Open

Main Tasks:

1. Responsible for overall safety work and participate in accident investigation.

2. Responsible for company safety and fire fighting work, ensuring fire fighting facilities are always in place and effective, responsible for regularly checking and updating fire fighting facilities and supplies, establishing company fire management system, and establishing and improving fire safety related files and records.

3. Responsible for the on-the-job safety training for new employees and regular safety education for on-the-job staff, establishing management files for the company's special positions (types of work), and personnel with special types of work must hold a certificate to take the post.

4. Strictly implement and inspect the smoking ban system in the production area, and strictly control the open flame approval, recording and supervision.

5. According to different positions and types of work, approve the distribution of reasonable types of labor protection products and replacement cycle, and often supervise the inspection staff to maintain normal use, and regularly arrange medical examinations for employee.

6. Earnestly complete the assault temporary tasks assigned by the company and superior supervisors in time.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. College degree or above, relevant work experience of security officer;

2. Strong pressure resistance, responsible, and proficient in using office software;

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System Engineer 2020-07-18 Open

Main Tasks:

1. Responsible for promoting, establishing and maintaining quality / environment / health / product certification systems to ensure effective operation.

2. Regularly conduct system / product / process audits to find and track non-conformance improvements.

3. Responsible for receiving external audits from second parties and third parties, accepting improvement suggestions and promoting them.

4. Responsible for the planning and implementation of company-wide system knowledge training to ensure personnel awareness.

5. Responsible for the promotion of company improvement activities.

6. Ensure that the testing of documents, instruments and products is under control.

7. Maintain good communication with customers and provide effective information and documents.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical electronics, 3 ~ 5 years of industry experience;

2. Familiar with ISO9001 standard, ISO / TS16949 standard, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards; and familiar with automotive industry standards;

3. Ability to independently conduct internal audits to establish and maintain the system;

4. Have system internal auditor certificate and quality engineer certificate;

5. Strong language expression ability, word processing ability.

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R&D Assistant En 2020-07-18 Open

Main Tasks:

1. Test analysis and research of related materials such as polymer material structure and organic chemical composition.

2. Routine maintenance of laboratories and instruments.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. Analytical chemistry and related majors;

2. Those who are good at polymer structure and organic synthesis related chemical properties and reaction related test analysis are preferred;

3. 0-2 years or above working experience in polymer and organic synthesis related fields;

4. Proficiency in DSC, GPC, IR, TGA, TMA, DMA and other analytical instruments for related test analysis;

5. Able to work overtime, diligent and practical, meticulous and rigorous, with a sense of responsibility;

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Maintenance Assistan 2020-07-18 Open

Main Tasks:

1. Responsible for daily repairs, planning and maintenance;

2. Responsible for construction supervision, distribution line installation, etc .;

3. Timely inspection and find the issue and deal with it immediately;

4. 负Responsible for the maintenance of internal electrical equipment;

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. At least 3 years of work experience, with an intermediate electrician certificate or above ;

2. Management ability of transformer and distribution facilities, familiar with safety regulations and operation regulations;

3. Have a high degree of discipline, responsibility, execution ability, language expression ability, learning ability;

4. Be healthy and under 40 years old;

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ERP Engineer 2020-07-18 Open

Main Tasks:

1. Responsible for the secondary development of the company's outsourced software (ERP, OA system, HR management system).

2. Responsible for the secondary development of the company's report summary, query, and analysis software to provide timely and accurate decision-making information for leadership decision-making and various business operations.

3. Carry out software development and design in accordance with the company's independent software development plan and promote it.

4. Responsible for company information project management (research needs, online promotion, counseling, acceptance).

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. Full-time university bachelor degree or above, major in information management or data analysis, 2 to 3 years of ERP maintenance.

2. Proficient in oracle and sql database, proficient in SQL writing skills, stored procedure / function programming, proficient in SQL optimization technology.

3. Those with work experience in manufacturing companies are preferred.

4. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication, learning and teamwork skills.

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Export Order Managem 2020-07-20 Open

Main Tasks:

1. Responsible for the company's export orders system entry and determine delivery date, and feedback to the Shipping specialist.

2. Responsible for export documents (invoices, packing lists, bills of lading and insurance policies) production and delivery, determine freight and reimbursement.

3. The ability to work under pressure.

4. Understand the international trade process and have relevant foreign trade work experience.

5. Responsible, rigorous work, with relevant foreign trade sales assistance experience is preferred.

Requirements: Education、Experience、skills

1. Be able to use office software proficiently;

2. Be sensitive to numbers, rigorous and standardized, planned, principled, and confidential; have certain communication and coordination capabilities.

3. Familiar with international trade processes and have relevant foreign trade sales industry work experience Priority.

4. Language requirements: Chinese and English.

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